1. FAQ's


Here we have tried to answer some of the common questions we are asked. If your question is not here please Contact Us, and we will be happy to answer it.

Q: Do we do 'Pass Plus'?
Yes we do. If you are unsure of what 'Pass Plus' is,
and would like to know how you can save money on your insurance, please Click Here for more information.

Q: What's your pass rate?
A: Our pass rate well exceeds the national average, and is above that of our competitors. Our experience has shown us if a pupil listens to his / her driving
instructor, and practice's what he / she has been taught; there is no reason why they should not pass their driving test first time. All our driving instructors are highly experienced. Their aim is to get you through your driving test with the minimum amount of lessons, but also making sure you have acquired the skills to be safe on the road.

Q: What are the Show me, Tell me questions on the driving test?
The show me / tell me questions are asked by the examiner at the start and during your practical driving test. Please Click Here for more information.

Q: What type of cars do you use?
We have various makes of cars ranging from Peugeots, Ford Focus, Renaults and Fiestas. All our cars are fitted with air conditioning, anti lock braking system, and powered steering, all the mod cons you would expect from a new car. Most of our cars are less than a year old, contributing to an all round better driving experience. We have a different array of cars, because we have found pupils prefer a choice, also some pupils like to learn in a car they intend to get after they pass their practical driving test.

Q: Can I have more than one lesson a week?
Yes, We will try and fit you in for as many driving lesson as you require in a week. You’re the customer, and we will try to accommodate you the best we can.

Q: Can I start driving lessons before I've passed my theory test?
Yes, having driving lessons will actually help you with your theory. Your driving instructor will also help you with preparing for your theory test. Please Click Here for more information.

Q: Can you book the theory test for me?
Yes, but there is a small administration charge, and we will require the test fee in advance, but this could be easily passed on via your driving instructor. Please Contact Us if you would like us to do that for you.

Q: Can you book the practical test for me?
Yes. There is an administration charge, but we can usually obtain early test dates. The test fee will be required in advance, and can be passed easily via your driving instructor. Please Contact Us if you would like us to do that for you.

Q: Do you have automatic cars?
Sorry no, but if you have your own automatic car, we are more than happy to teach you in that.

Q: Do you work weekends?
Yes. Most of our driving instructors work at least one day at the weekend. We do not charge a premium for driving lessons at the weekend.

Q: Are there any other pupils in the car?
Definitely not. All our driving lessons are on a one to one basis, and for a full hour. You will never have part of your lesson time taken up dropping a previous pupil off, or picking one up on your lesson time.

Q: Can I do Intensive lessons?
Yes you can, please Click Here for more information.

Q: Can I be picked up and dropped off in a different place?
Yes, this is not a problem, but with in reason.

Q: Are the instructor's friendly, and patient?
Yes, it is one of the main qualities we look for, and insist upon before recruiting a new driving instructor. We not only want you to learn to drive quickly, and safely, we want you to enjoy your driving lessons.

Q: Do you offer a guaranteed pass?
I know some driving schools offer this, but basically no I can't guarantee you’re going to pass your driving test, because anything can happen on the day of your driving test,
nerves can be a factor, and no matter how good we train you ultimately it’s down to you. To guarantee someone will pass their test opens up the system to abuse, some driving schools may inflate their driving lesson price's to higher than normal to cover the cost of a retest in case you fail, some may give you more lessons than you need to make sure you pass, at your expense. Personally Access driving tuition prefers to give you the right amount of driving lessons to do the job at the right price.

Q: How many driving lessons will I need?
I am asked this question more than any other, and it is always the hardest one to answer. How many driving lessons you will need depends on many factors, your experience, age, working background, and even your attitude. I have known people only take 8 driving lessons, and then some people take 80 driving lessons. The Driving Standards Agency which is the governing body which conducts the driving test say it is about 45 hours for a new driver, but as I said there are a lot of factors which will reduce this. At Access driving tuition we will try to get you to reach driving test standard in the minimum amount of safe driving lessons, this not only reduces your tuition cost, but it improves Access driving tuition's reputation.

Q: Do you do trailer towing lessons / tuition?
Yes we do, please Click Here for more information.


Thank you, I hope we have answered most of your questions, if not please do not hesitate to Contact Us.